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patients were abandoned and left in deplorable conditions. the fbi is involved and a man is missing from the nursing home. laura anthony is chasing the story. >> mr. baskin has been a missing person many times in the past. >> reporter: the county sheriff say a resident apparently walked away from a nursing home october 25th, that's one day after it was ordered closed by the state. the missing man is 65-year-old baskin, a resident of the valley springs man nor nursing home. >> just because it's mr. brbask don't believe his at risk. >> reporter: sheriffs say the fbi is growing the number of agencies. the state ordered the facility closed last thursday but 14 elderly patients were left inside for three days after that under the care of just two staff members. including cook maurice roland. >> we need a little more help than we had. >> reporter: he and another employee stayed on straight through for three days, even though they knew they wouldn't be paid. >> i can't see myself leaving the residents. i couldn't do that. maybe they would have try to cook for themselves and burn the place up. i
. there should be a way for the community to haveen put. >>reporter: now the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. the sonoma county sheriff's office is also investigating a complaint by a motorist who claims the officer pulled his gun on him during a traffic stop two months ago. now the officer lawyer said she couldn't comment because it was a pending personnel investigation but did tell us he would only draw his weapon if there was a need for it based on his training and expertise. vick lee, 7 news. >> san jose man arrested after police say he left his 2 children locked in a car for more than 14 hours. 29-year-old julio reyes arrested after reporting his car and children missing more than 24 hours after police say he left them. just after noon yesterday police found an 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl locked in a car on north hill view drive. police say they had been there since 10:00 p.m. the night before. the children are now in protective custody. >> tonight police are searching for the owner of 2 pit bull dog that attacked 4 people. it happened in antioch on larkspur
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2